Stikkum is the only platform in the mortgage industry holistically providing integrated services to all three phases of the mortgage providers' customer acquisition to retention strategy.

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Customer Retention Lead Generation

  • Monitor your customer base and your marketplace.  Don't let any opportunity go unseen. Stop your past customers from slipping away. Prevent them from doing deals with your competitor. Be aware and connected to them in their time of mortgage need.


Sales Engagement and Lead Follow Up Automation

  • "Speed to Lead" is so important. There is only so much you can do alone.  With the right technology and sales engagement automation, you can respond and engage lead quickly and systematically, resulting in an increase your connection success dramatically.  Increasing your business success exponentially!


Customer Relationship Management 

  • Grow your own "residual based income" through your past customers and repeat business!  Stay in front of your clients, be visible, and continuously market your support and services so that you stay their first call for their mortgage needs.

Never miss an opportunity to grow your past mortgage customer business

Built and designed specifically for the mortgage industry, Stikkum retention alert and automation platform continuously monitors your client base, sensing their activity, and actively alerting you within HOURS when their actual behavior signals that they are starting to connect with a competitor.

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Enrique Brauschweiger - President, First West Financial

Why Mortgage Client Retention Really Matters

92% of consumers originate their next mortgage with a competitor
Mortgage refinance
Mortgage refinance applications are up 199.5% year over year
Increasing customer
Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can boost profits up to 95%
mortgage deal
16%+ of your mortgage customers will close a mortgage deal this year


I got an alert yesterday for an old client. He has two homes at 4.75% They had ran credit with their servicer. I called them today and got two loans back. Both 20 year fixed. Will pay for my Stikkum for 10 years.
Mortgage Brokerage Owner, Calif.
Already closed an additional 5 loans. ROI is about 1100% on what I've spent on Stikkum vs. revenue already returned.
Bank Branch Manager, Conn.