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Stikkum is the only platform that has your “whole” business in mind and develops solutions and opportunities to help your “whole” business get better and succeed. Your customers need a complete partner, and Stikkum ensures you have the tools, solutions, and services to ensure your entire business meets and exceeds their needs.

Database Management

Manage your contacts and relationships

When it comes to managing your Databases and Relationships, we've got you covered. Our Database Management feature empowers you to take control, giving you the flexibility to organize, view, and manage your contacts, partners, companies, and any other essential entities just the way you want. It's your world; we're here to help you conquer it!

Lead Management

Centralized lead generation and distribution

Get ready to experience the magic of Centralized Lead Generation and Distribution with Stikkum! Our Lead Management is your one-stop powerhouse, where all your leads, whether they're from external sources or born right here in Stikkum, converge for action. Simplify, centralize, and conquer the lead game – it's all happening in one place!

Marketing Management

Marketing that's automatic and personalized

With Stikkum Marketing Management you can fully automate your outbound communications without losing personalization. Fully customizable. Whether you want to automatically respond to leads with custom emails, texts, and full campaigns automatically nurturing them to success, or mass communicate to your audience your news, advice, and services to stay top of mind.

Sales Process Management

Visibility and control of your sales process and pipeline

Take charge of your sales process and pipeline like never before! With Stikkum's Sales Process Management, you gain total visibility across all your sales processes. Know where each opportunity stands, ensure a seamless sales process, and watch automation work its magic as deals progress through the pipeline, triggering communications, actions, and events automatically! It's your sales superpower!

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Onboarding / Implementation Management

Easily organize and execute your onboarding/implementation of customers

With our Onboarding/Implementation Management, you can provide a structured, personalized, and top-notch post-sale journey for your customers. Imagine automating actions and communications, while gaining crystal-clear visibility through onboarding pipelines, ensuring you always know where your customers are on their journey from sale to start. It's the future of customer success in your hands!

Coming Soon

Service/Support Management

Provide a support and service experience that retains your customers for life

With our Service/Support Management, you gain the power to streamline communications with your valued customers. From capturing support requests to establishing support tickets and managing the entire support process, our system ensures every step, from the first notification to full resolution, is well-orchestrated. It's all about taking exceptional care of your customers and fostering lasting relationships!

Coming Soon

Project Management

Manage and execute efficient and timely projects

With Stikkum's Project Management, you've got the power to centralize and conquer all your projects, no matter their size. Collaborate seamlessly with various teams and individuals, while our workflow automation takes care of communications and actions for you. Thanks to project timelines and pipelines, your projects are guaranteed to stay on the fast track from start to finish! It's project management reimagined!

Coming Soon

Payment Management

Give your clients a frictionless payment experience

With Stikkum's Payment Management, you can effortlessly and seamlessly accept payments from your valued customers. Whether it's through your website, email, or even text, we've made it a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of sending invoices and hello to the ease of capturing payments—it's never been this convenient!

Coming Soon

Talent Acquisition Management

Have full visibility and control of your recruitment pipeline and processes

With Stikkum's cutting-edge technology, streamline the recruitment and onboarding process, making it efficient and hassle-free. Full visibility of your candidate pipeline and workflow automation moving your processes.

Coming Soon

Innovation that makes a difference and gives you the edge!

Stikkum stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the customer experience with a host of unique features that redefine ease of use and drive unparalleled success. Our intuitive interface simplifies complex tasks, ensuring that customers can effortlessly navigate our platform, regardless of their technical expertise. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we regularly introduce new, game-changing features that keep our customers at the forefront of their industries. When it comes to achieving success with ease, Stikkum sets the standard.

With Stikkum's alerts and EPO monitoring, we empower mortgage professionals to proactively manage and mitigate EPO risk, ensuring a stable and profitable portfolio. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, mortgage providers can make informed decisions, optimize their lending strategies, and protect their investments. Trust Stikkum's EPO Watch to secure your mortgage business against unexpected challenges and ensure long-term financial stability.

Stikkum's remarkable ability to detect customer behavior in the market is a game-changer for targeted marketing. Using cutting-edge data analytics, it unveils invaluable insights into consumer actions, supercharging your marketing efforts. With Stikkum, you can precisely tailor your strategies, ensuring that your messages resonate with your audience like never before, ultimately leading to more successful campaigns and increased ROI.

Stikkum's seamless integration of ChatGPT! Now, with just a few clicks, users can effortlessly create captivating and inspirational content right within the Stikkum platform. Elevate your communication and marketing efforts with the power of AI-driven creativity at your fingertips. Say goodbye to content hurdles and hello to endless inspiration with Stikkum and ChatGPT.

Experience the future of marketing with Stikkum's behavior-based marketing platform! Our innovative technology empowers you to not only reach your customers but also understand their reactions to your marketing efforts. With real-time insights into customer responses, you can personalize your messaging, timing, and nurturing strategies like never before. Say goodbye to generic campaigns and hello to precision marketing that resonates with your audience on a personal level.

Stikkum's workflow automation is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficiency and productivity gains. With Stikkum, users can seamlessly streamline their processes, automate repetitive actions, and enhance, personalize, and execute communications automatically.

Coming Soon

Stikkum is designed to be versatile and adaptable, enabling businesses to connect and collaborate with other software and services effortlessly. Whether you're looking to integrate third-party applications, share data with partners, or streamline your internal processes, Stikkum's open architecture empowers you to do so with ease.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Stikkum's platform offers an abundance to explore, with a team that exudes excellence. Their customer service in the mortgage industry is unparalleled. If you seek personalized attention and don’t want to be just another number, Stikkum is the ideal choice.

Mr. Mortgage LLC


Stikkum' mortgage customer retention hybrid CRM platform is just the mortgage automation I have been looking to scale my referral and referral partner business in the mortgage industry. From signing up to onboarding and going was no hassles. Keep up the excellent work Stikkum !

Mortgage Professional


After two months of my office using Stikkum mortgage client retention technology. We were able to save multiple customers from going to other lenders. Love this service and great customer experience!

BOE Sales Manager


Highest ROI of any type of marketing or retention program I have ever used. Great team running the company and Excellent support! Highly recommend.

E Mortgage Capital Inc.


Great company to work with as a mortgage broker!

Loan Wolf Lending Inc

Never miss an opportunity to grow your customer business

Stikkum is a cutting-edge platform meticulously crafted with businesses in mind. Its tailored features are geared towards not only attracting new customers but also fostering lasting relationships with current and past clients. Stikkum's innovative tools empower businesses to engage with their audience effectively, providing targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experiences. Through its customer-centric approach, Stikkum ensures that companies not only thrive in acquiring fresh leads but also excel in customer retention, making it an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking enterprise.

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Enrique Braunschweiger

First West Financial Corporation

Why Stikkum

Discover the Power of Proactivity with Stikkum!

In today's digital age, good enough doesn't cut it. Every business, senses untapped potential, more connections, and increased success. But why does it feel elusive? It's not your effort; it's the outdated tools and methods. Traditional strategies are no match for the evolving world. Relying on them is like trying to chase a bullet train on foot. Stikkum is your game-changer. We blend automation, marketing, campaigns, SMS, and cutting-edge AI, putting you steps ahead. Instead of reacting, you're predicting. Imagine knowing in hours when clients need you. That's not progress; it's a paradigm shift. The time is now. Break from the old and elevate with Stikkum.

Why Now

Dont Just Compete...LEAD - Because today's delay is tomorrow's downfall

The mortgage industry is evolving fast. Customers want more from their mortgage providers: personalized service, competitive rates, hassle-free transactions, and constant communication. To meet these expectations, you need to act now. You need to use Stikkum. Stikkum is a smart and proactive platform that helps you stay ahead of the curve. It alerts you when your customers need you and automates the communication and marketing campaigns. It helps you retain your customers, get more referrals, grow your revenue, and enhance your reputation. Don't wait for the future to happen. Make it happen with Stikkum. Start your free trial today and see the difference for yourself.

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