Stikkum DETECT provides 24/7 active monitoring of your customer base and marketplace.  Alerting you of actions and opportunities available to you and your business


24/7 Unlimited Monitoring & Opportunity Alert Engine.  Automatically watch, monitor and be notified of behaviors, actions, and opportunities happening now.

  • Discover and identify the right opportunities
    • Alerts provided via email, SMS text, and online portal
  • Customer Alert Info Provided:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • FICO Score
    • Debt to Income
    • Income Estimator
    • Custom Fields*
  • Open API for integration into other platforms
  • Zapier Integration

Open Architecture for Platform Integrations


Stikkum works with your other software and platforms used in business today.  Being built with an open API structure and also integrated into the Zapier network, allows Stikkum to have easy interconnections between Stikkum and your business environment.