Stikkum CONNECT is your automated response and lead follow up communication engine. 

  • Automatic Alert Response and Facilitation
    • SMS Text
    • Email
  • Custom and Personalized
  • Centralized Template Library
  • Unlimited Quantity, Volume, and Capacity
  • Video Integration (BombBomb)
  • Sequences and Campaigns
    • Automatic & OnDemand
    • Multi-touch Lead Nurturing Campaign
  • Content Behavior Monitoring & Alert Notifications

Content Behavior Monitoring

Monitoring and alerting when your customer reacts to your email communication.

  • Be notified when your customer:
    • Received email
    • Opened email
    • Clicked link
    • Etc. Etc
  • Notifications/ Alerts are “Real Time”, so you will know the moment your customer engages your content.
  • Receive notification via email and SMS text.
  • Monitor any outbound email, campaign and sequence
  • Know exactly when your customer is engaging with your contact and be able to take action immediately!
Email Content

Auto-Alert Response Communication

Communication Engine

''You have nothing to lose! Stikkum creates a warm situation to reconnect with old clients for a new loan application.''

Bank Branch Manager, Conn.